yippee pic

Yippee!! I’ve finished my first book. I’m waiting for the proof to arrive then I can click the ‘publish’ button on Amazon. I’m so pleased I’ve actually finished. Of course the moment it was complete I had sudden doubts that it was any good at all…but I’m ignoring those as best as I can…just looking forward to making the next one even better.

I’d like to tell you about my dogs today. In my first blog post I drew them as being white and blonde. They aren’t. I’m sorry I lied in my drawing. They are both black. If I tried to colour them realistically they would just look like hairy blobs with tongues. That is what they actually look like.

So anyway. I walk them one at a time. I have to if I want to keep my arms. The fluffiest one is called Miss Chief (or Chief of Police, The Chief, Chiefychopperflopperwoppadus and You Total Effing B##ch….well she is)She is a Newfoundland X Alsatian. Big mistake…if anybody out there is considering creating this mix I beg of you don’t, unless of course the thought of living with a hyperactive woolly mammoth appeals to you. The other is a Labrador called Mr Purple (other names include Popple, Poppleywoppley, Fish-out-of-Water, Mr Purple the Destroyer, Git-face, Meth-Lab).

Mr Purple does not like being left behind whilst I walk Miss Chief. He lets me know this by destroying the universe. Yesterday he managed to get the previous night’s pizza boxes* from the top of the oven and finished off 5 slices of Dominos.  Today I locked him in his crate for the sake of his own health and when we got back there he was, in the kitchen with the contents of the recycling bin spread all around him. Today I’m going to buy a padlock for the crate.

*don’t judge me…I neglected parental duties like cooking and housework whilst I spent longer than I should uploading my book to KDP. I really need to learn formatting.

In a follow up to last week’s post I talked about how I could be a better boss of myself. I would just like to report back that I have forced myself out of my comfortable isolation and have arranged coffee with an abandoned friend next week. Declaring my resolutions in my blog really makes me commit to carrying them out…and for that reason I’m going to do no such thing today.

That’s all folks, please feel free to add your thoughts…I would love to hear about your badly behaved pets. Did yours also have to sit at the front of the class with the teacher in puppy training groups?

‘Til next time,

Cat x

PS. Thanks and best wishes to my first follower! 🙂