Stay-at-home writer tries not to lose plot

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The universe, planet Earth, Britain, Wales, Llanelli, my house, my bedroom, the computer desk. That is where I live.

That’s right…I work from home. Goodbye social interaction, hello insanity.

I was originally going to write about the pros and cons of working from home. This was my pros list:

  • Being able to do my dream job
  • Not having to look presentable
  • Not having to deal with the general public or difficult work colleagues
  • The dogs have company
  • I can take breaks when I want
  • I’m here if the kids are too poorly for school
  • I’m here if parcels are delivered
  • I’m my own boss

Then I realized the cons list was nearly identical:

  • No reason to look presentable
  • No reason to talk to anyone except the lollipop man and the parcel delivery man
  • The dogs are my company. They fart all day long and don’t know how to talk or play quietly.
  • I can take breaks when I want – it took me 3 months to write this list
  • I’m here if the kids are too poorly for school and they know it and are very good actors
  • I’m here if parcels are delivered – for anyone in the neighbourhood
  • I’m my own boss. I’m not a good boss of me.

That leaves being able to do my dream job as the only pro.

As pros go it’s pretty major, but if I’ve turned into a complete nutcase I don’t know how long I’ll be able to sustain it for. So I guess the question is, how can I be a good boss of me? It’s something people say isn’t it, when you tell them you are self-employed..”oh it must be nice being your own boss!” Hmm….how would they like it if I was their boss I wonder to myself, as their life slowly disintegrates into a chaos of scraps of paper, dog treats and isolation. Wouldn’t sound so sunny about it then would they!

So I thought I’d better find out what the qualities of a good boss are. A quick google search gives me these 10 qualities as written by ttps://

  1. Communicates Clear Vision
  2. Connects Vision to Daily Tasks
  3. Sets Clear Performance Expectations
  4. Provides Consistent Feedback and Coaching
  5. Cares about the Employee as a Person
  6. Shares Personal Information
  7. Makes Work Fun
  8. Fosters Team Development
  9. Values Employee Perspectives
  10. Rewards Good Performance

Yes. This is when I realize there are people out there actually thinking like adults. That aside, this list is definately going to help me manage myself better. Focusing on improving any of these points would improve my working-from-home life. Apart from number 6 maybe. I already talk to myself.

However I expect you’ve realized from reading my personal pros and cons list that numbers 5 and 7 are my biggest downfall. “Caring about the employee as a person” and “making work fun”.

Hmm, caring about myself as a person (as opposed to a dog companion) and making work fun.  Now whilst I’m very (too) comfortable working alone, I know I need to socialize…humans are social animals aren’t we? So this week I challenge myself to commit to meeting up with someone that isn’t a child or a dog.  Hopefully next time I ask myself How’s life, or What have I been up to lately, I won’t answer, oh you know…just sitting at the old computer desk, talking to myself, whilst slowly dying from dog fart fumes.

Are any of you stay-at-home workers too comfortable with your isolation? Let me know I’m not the only one! Are you a good caring boss of yourself? I would love to know what you find hard about working from home, what you enjoy, or just how you stay sane!

‘Til next time,

Losing the plot one word at a time,

Cat x