1/2 term. Brain scrambled. Beyond help.


I know. Probably the last thing you want to see right now is another bloody Halloween picture but it’s all I’ve got. It’s all I’ve managed to do that’s remotely to do with illustration all week. Fun but full on parenting has been happening here for the last 7 days and there’s only one of me. I now have 0 minutes to write this but I’m doing it anyway so hah!

I’m not feeling very coherent this evening but I do have one useful thought (that I’m desperately clinging to). Branding.

I’ve been aware of branding…who isn’t! But I’m useless at it. My Instagram account is a mishmash of varying styles and clashing colours. Not a good advert for myself or a coherent picture of what I do and who I am. But times are changing, friends!

I read someone’s notes under their Instagram picture today (chipiartstudio if you’d like to have a look…she’s fab) and it has helped kick me in the right direction I feel:

“…I really recommend choosing a theme and sticking to it for a month or maybe even more …focusing is one of the main challenges of creatives, just because we have so so many ideas floating around.”

I’ve had so many wild ideas firing off in my little brain recently as I try to break the barrier into making some money to live off but now I know what I need to do. Time to regroup…go over what I’ve done, improve on it and use it as my theme for the next month. In practical terms this means reproducing my book as better quality hardbacks and creating a series of greetings cards based around the illustrations. It’s an incredibly spacious feeling to have this plan. It will improve my drawing skills and almost as a by-product my branding will become more solid.

If there are any other newbie indie authors out there as clueless as me I hope this brain fart helped.

Now I just need school to start…

Best wishes,




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